Case Study:

Proteocyte AI

Proteocyte AI’s proprietary, first-in-class lab service detects oral cancer before it happens.


Proteocyte Diagnostics evolved out of research conducted by company founders Dr. Paul Walfish and Dr. Ranju Ralhan at Toronto’s renowned Mount Sinai Hospital. Late detection of oral cancer is widely acknowledged as the primary cause for the disease’s nearly 50% mortality rate, making early diagnosis critical. The technology is now being commercialized by a team led by CEO John Davis.

Proteocyte recognized the need for a more accurate tool to detect oral pre-cancer risk, and developed a new laboratory service, Straticyte™, for early identification of oral lesions. Straticyte provides a more accurate classification of oral lesions converting to cancer than conventional methods involving surgical biopsy.

Success will mean:

More oral cancers will be detected sooner, preventing suffering and saving lives, while reducing health system costs.