Case Study:

Dive Billboards

Dive Billboards creates real-time news networks for all types of businesses and organizations. DIVE cuts through the crush of 'too much' data to provide employees with relevant and contextual info that's both easy to consume and actionable.


Dive Billboards’ founders – Deborah Hall, Michael Girgis and Jake Neiman – created a data-driven communications platform for businesses to help employees cope with an overabundance of information. DIVE is an always-on, in-office broadcast experience that brings team members the latest news about their customers, competitors, and industry.

Dive processes data from dozens of content partners around the clock to deliver fresh and relevant insights through in-office TVs and Smart Rooms, and on all personal devices. DIVE also features diverse publishing tools that enable employees to broadcast the latest company news and info for their teams and customers to consume.

Success will mean:

Team members who are “on the same page” with sharper insights about their company and the brands they support. Such teams will achieve better results, faster.