Case Study:

Mosaic Manufacturing

3-D printers are great, as long as all you want to do is print “Action Man” out of one material, in one colour. Mosaic’s Palette devices fuse together multiple filaments, enabling true multi-colour, multi-material 3-D printing.


Co-founders Mitch Debora, Chris Labelle and Derek Vogt and their Toronto-based team are not only selling Palette devices worldwide, but are also extending their software-firmware-hardware innovations in ways that could establish new industry standards. “It’s very, very technically difficult”, they note while explaining how it is that no one else has done what they have. “We met a lot of people who would tell us we had no idea how hard this is going to be. ‘You’re never going to do it’, they would say. Thankfully, they were wrong.”

Success will mean:

Creating the 3-D printing innovation breakthroughs that will enable digital manufacturing to meet its transformative potential.